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If you think your profile is interesting for the BCPersonal ecosystem, the Active Sourcing & Research Team is your first point of contact. This team does research on which profiles are wanted in our competence areas. In addition, it conducts active sourcing and is constantly on the lookout for suitable candidates for our clients. Furthermore, the Active Sourcing & Research Team supports our consultants in their areas in finding the right match.

If your profile is interesting for one of our competence areas, it will be forwarded to the responsible consultants. Interesting profiles that do not fit into any of our competence areas will continue to be managed by the Active Sourcing & Research Team and we will contact you if we receive a suitable search request.

Happy to introduce our Active Sourcing & Research Team to you:

Active Sourcing & Research

Ladina Meier

Active Sourcing & Research

Ladina Meier kennt sich im Human Ressource Management bestens aus und weiss, dass Qualität im Unternehmen nicht nur mit der Marktleistung zu tun hat. Es geht auch um die Qualität der Prozesse, um den Umgang miteinander und um den Umgang mit Kunden, Lieferanten und anderen Marktpartnern. Die verschiedenen Facetten des Menschen und das effektive HR-Management, bei dem verschiedene Elemente wie Zahnräder passgenau ineinander greifen, sind ihr vertraut. Leidenschaftlich und mit echtem Engagement arbeitet Ladina Meier daran, für Sie Qualität zu schaffen und passgenaue Kandidatinnen und Kandidaten zu rekrutieren.

Alinda Fejza EN

Assistant Research

Before joining the BCPersonal team, Alinda Fezja worked in a jewelry store. There she learned to listen carefully, to pick up and respond to the needs of different people. She also learned to look behind the outer façade without bias and to get to the bottom of the person behind. These skills will also be of advantage in her new area of responsibility. Alinda Fezja is interested in psychology and is curious about people and what results from various contacts. She enjoys communication and customer contact, and her goal is to support and guide her customers in their professional careers. She is also by nature eager to learn and is looking forward to learning a lot about markets, companies and the people behind them from her contacts.