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Value-oriented financial management, from ex-post performance measurement to ex-ante consideration of company value, is an exciting, multifaceted occupational field with a multitude of specialist and management profiles. We know which personal and professional skills are needed by financial professionals who create added corporate value through their contributions.

We understand the diverse range of responsibilities in financial management such as creating annual financial statements, performing cash flow analysis, identifying and managing cost and performance drivers, controlling, or investment and financial management.

We know which skills and which mindset employees require in order to complete their respective tasks successfully and profitably.

We also consider tax and law as part of value-based management ensuring alignment with tax laws and international practices.

BCPersonal | Finance has four areas of expertise, forming a living ecosystem of candidates and contacts that we nurture and expand daily. This makes us THE address for companies looking for individuals who fit perfectly within their organizations and who bring the required competencies and social skills with them.


Professional financial management is based on solid advice. This includes tax and legal advice as well as guidance and support in mergers and acquisitions. We manage experienced consulting specialists as well as young talents who are on the way to becoming consulting specialists.


Balance sheet and financial statement security according to the required accounting principles is the basis. Depending on the company and area of responsibility, our candidates also bring with them relevant additional skills in payroll accounting, cost center accounting, or insurance management.


We manage a wide range of profiles. From entry level candidates up to heads of group controlling, we are always on the lookout for personalities who combine finance and business administration acumen with analytical thinking. We find individuals who can develop KPIs that identify, analyze, and measure cost, value, and success drivers. An ex-ante analysis approach regarding budgeting and medium-term planning should also not be missing.


Internal and external audits are an important part of compliance. Our experts are characterized by their sharp insight, analytical thinking, and the ability to present complex issues in simple terms. They know that risk control must be aligned with the risk policy of the respective companies and understand the risk-adjusted added value of their activities. Coordinated communication and appropriate action are a matter of course for them.

All four areas of competency have one thing in common

Tailor-made personnel placement is more than just a matching specialist skills with your needs. In view of the changes and challenges that companies are facing today; social skills are equally important. Success requires intercultural and interprofessional teamwork as well as suitable employees who support and actively live your corporate culture. We deliver this fit of professional and personal skills.