Team Real-Estate

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Gregor Bienz, MBA

Gregor Bienz looks back on long-standing leadership experience both in fast-paced periods of growth as well as in crisis situations and restructuring phases in his role as consultant and project leader and as self-employed entrepreneur. Manager and entrepreneur – Gregor Bienz supports employers and employees alike to position themselves for success as they embark on the journey of digital change. To Gregor, creating custom-fit symbioses is vital.

Barbara Heberlein


Barbara Heberlein is familiar with both the media world and the real estate industry. From her many years of experience, she knows its fast-moving and changeable nature, but also its enduring factors and the importance of a good network. In the midst of change, she finds the necessary anchoring in the art of architecture that makes her rave. Her knowledge is focused on real estate management and marketing.

Ladina Meier

Active Sourcing & Research

Ladina Meier is very familiar with human resource management and knows that quality in a company is not just about market performance but also about the quality of processes, how people interact with each other and how they deal with customers, suppliers and other market partners. She is familiar with the various facets of people and effective HR management, where different elements interlock perfectly like cogwheels. Passionately and with real commitment, Ladina Meier works to create quality for you and to recruit candidates who are a perfect match.

Alona Bakayoko

Alona Bakayoko comes from the construction industry and getting things done is her thing. Formerly in construction, her energy is now in demand at BCPersonal. For her, tackling things also means treading both conventional and new paths in order to find the right specialists and managers for BCPersonal's customers. She particularly enjoys looking behind the facade and perfectly matching talents, personalities, and expectations.

Alinda Fejza

Assistant Research

Before joining the BCPersonal team, Alinda Fezja worked in a jewelry store. There she learned to listen carefully, to pick up and respond to the needs of different people. She also learned to look behind the outer façade without bias and to get to the bottom of the person behind. These skills will also be of advantage in her new area of responsibility. Alinda Fezja is interested in psychology and is curious about people and what results from various contacts. She enjoys communication and customer contact, and her goal is to support and guide her customers in their professional careers. She is also by nature eager to learn and is looking forward to learning a lot about markets, companies and the people behind them from her contacts.