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Values and corporate value are inseparable

Everyone has his or her own set of values. Yet for a successful cooperation, overlaps, or shared values, are vital. Creating value-based corporate governance strategies is a key focus in BCPersonal’s consulting and support, as values and corporate value go hand in hand. In our view, these are the four core values for a successful cooperation…


Why BCPersonal

How we work

BCPersonal focuses mainly on the recruitment and placement of professionals and executives in the competence areas Digital, Finance and Real Estate. However, thanks to our state-of-the-art data-driven and network-based active sourcing and active engagement management approach, we are also able to recruit specific profiles outside our core competence areas for our clients.

Our competence areas are characterized by a high level of market-specific expertise, focus, and a broad network and work with state-of-the-art data analytics. This distinguishes BCPersonal from traditional recruitment agencies. There is a lively exchange between the individual areas of expertise, as competencies partly overlap. BCPersonal acts as a strong family brand under which the competence areas position themselves and unites them through common values and success-proven processes such as our Active Sourcing in combination with Active Engagement Management. However, the respective competence areas have sufficient autonomy to respond individually to specific requirements of their core market.

The competence areas are supported by BCPgroup AG as well as BCPlatform with its cutting-edge data analytics, which can be used to selectively filter out precisely fitting specialists and executives from the voluminous labor market. BCPlatform not only supports with infrastructure and professional data analytics but functions also a shared service center in terms of compliance and other topics.

BCPersonal and its areas of expertise are focused and at the same time well embedded in the ecosystem, which is why we can support you together with our partners on all HR and organizational issues. Thus, in cooperation with our partner companies, we can also offer you services and custom-fit solutions that go beyond our core competencies.

The BCPersonal-Story

  • 2020 With globalisation, ever increasing technological innovation and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, BCPersonal is feeling the unrest and new needs of it’s customers due to it’s proximity to the market. Therefore, BCPersonal commissions Timo Zenaty to establish the company in his home country Germany. The long-term internationalisation strategy begins with the development of the German market and the opening of the first foreign subsidiary.
  • 2014 Gregor Bienz’ life undergoes a professional reorientation. By then, his experience in leadership roles both professionally and in his personal life, as program and project leader and change champion, had already given him a wealth of experience to draw from. And he came to a key realization: A successful transformation – in organizations, cultures, processes or offers – depends first and foremost on the needs of the people involved. He decided to use this realization as a guidance in everything he did.

    One aspect became clear immediately: Successful change processes are not only dependent on the needs of the people involved, but also on the shared values of a team that never tires to improve and that sanctions those who solely focus on their own advantages and act to the detriment of the team.

  • 2015 A leading spa provider turned to a recruitment agency in their search for a co-owner and manager, and found the ideal candidate in Gregor Bienz. Upon concluding a successful restructuring, Gregor Bienz, however, decided against assuming the role as successor and co-owner, as his intuition showed him that the two value systems regarding integrity and corporate governance were incompatible.
  • 2016 The conclusion of the above-mentioned endeavor created room for new projects. In addition to digital projects and strategic consulting, Gregor Bienz tested the waters of human resources consulting and pursued an active exchange of ideas with various industry players. He realized that most of the competitors lacked a scalable business model, and that the material compensation of individual consultants often took center stage.
  • 2017 Various options were ruled out. In the end, only one option remained that allowed Gregor Bienz to breathe life into his ideas: The foundation of BC Personalmanagement AG, or BCPersonal, on November 27, 2017.
  • 2018 The year 2018 was all about building a scalable infrastructure. Toward the end of the year, he believed to have found the right manager with long-standing experience in human resources consulting.
  • 2019

    BCPersonal banked on the network of its executive manager, but soon realized that the envisioned paradigm shift would not materialize unless everyone «walks the talk».

    Today, BCPersonal has seven employees who feel @home with BCPersonal and are committed to working together toward the company’s sustainable success.

    The company moves into new offices in Pfäffikon SZ and founds a branch office located at Gertrudstrasse 20 in 8400 Winterthur.